Anti-social media

When you post a photo of your significant other on Facebook is it sharing them or shaming them?  It depends.  Couples are increasingly clashing over their postings and updates on Facebook and Twitter.  Sharing a honeymoon photo you’d keep on your desk at work is probably fine with both partners.  But if you’re poised to post a rear shot of your beloved in a bathing suit, think again. As any comedian can tell you, the line between humor and hostility is a thin one.   Keep that boundary solid.

  • Always clear any photo, status update or newsfeed item with your partner before making it public.
  • What goes on in the bedroom, stays in the bedroom.
  • Don’t express or try to resolve a conflict in public.
  • If your tweet sounds like a screech, scratch it.
  • Don’t take offense of you are an enthusiastic updater of your newsfeed and your partner is not.  “Failure to post” doesn’t mean “Failure to love.”

The guideline for Facebook, and all social media, is “no surprises.”