Areas of Specialty


  • Psychotherapy and conflict resolution for individuals, couples and families
  • Relationship therapy including marital and pre-marital counseling
  • Adult life issues: career, family, parenting


Couples Therapy

Marriage is a partnership between two adults.  As in any partnership, differences can arise.  In marriages, most conflict revolves around five key issues: communication, emotional needs, money, sexual intimacy, and parenting.

Couples therapy is most effective when the feelings of each partner are heard with empathy and without judgment so that core issues can be identified and addressed.   With guidance, each partner learns to listen attentively to each other and pinpoint primary areas of discord.

Next, couples acquire and practice techniques of skillful communication, gaining expertise in talking to one another while avoiding the three most common “relationship destroyers”: contempt, superiority, and impatience.

Once couples can articulate their differences and learn to communicate effectively, they become closer, more emotionally attuned and better able to manage conflict.  They can embark as true partners on a collaboration of respect and intimacy, in a relationship that is a “win” for each of them.

Individual Therapy

Internal conflict can be a daunting challenge, originating in unproductive patterns of thinking and behavior.  Stress, fear and mood instability are three common sources of significant disequilibrium within an adult.

I draw on years of experience and intensive clinical training in psychoanalysis to bring clients to awareness about the causes of their internal conflicts.  As they resolve these, they experience relief from the anxiety and pain generated by inner turmoil—as well as greater life satisfaction and well-being.  When indicated, I refer clients suffering from mood instability to board-certified psychiatrists, who evaluate their need for medication.

Career Support and Motivation

As in intimate relationships, an adult’s relationship to work can sometimes be frustrating and confusing.  Ideally, work combines deep satisfaction with a vocation coupled with an ability to generate ample income; however, conflicts can arise between an individual and  a workplace or even a career path.

I combine my experience in law and business with my expertise as a psychotherapist, to help clients achieve work-life balance.  I coach clients on communicating more effectively in the workplace so they can resolve conflicts with managers and colleagues.  I also guide them if they choose to change professions and help them transition smoothly into a new job, or self-employment.

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