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Senior Pranks – Where Do You Draw the Line?

ABC News article published on 6/6/12

By MARTHA IRVINE – … For high school seniors, it’s prank time — or “structured mayhem” in the words of Mindy Utay, a therapist who works with teens… READ FULL ARTICLE

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Five Survival Tips For Parents With ‘Boomerang’ Kids

Forbes article published on 05/10/2012

At graduation ceremonies across the country parents will be crying for many reasons, the parental pride, a job well done, and all that good stuff.  But for many, those tears won’t be wet with sentimentality, but with a bit of angst — their kids will be coming back home… READ FULL ARTICLE

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10 Things Never to Say to Childless Friends – Discover which questions and comments women without kids hate hearing

Woman’s Day article published on May, 2012
When you’re an enthusiastic member of the mom club, it’s natural to want your pals to join too. But making assumptions about your buddy’s baby-making plans can be offensive and invasive—and thinking you know better because you’re a parent can hurt your friend’s feelings… READ FULL ARTICLE